How Can You Help?

There are four primary ways to help entrepreneurs in the community.

Angel Investors

Much of Dayton’s technology is in its early stages, which requires a network of early investors who invest their capital and expertise to help entrepreneurs reach their next successful milestone. If you are interested in becoming a qualified investor, please contact us for information on angel investment opportunities.

Kim Frazier
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Network Connections

Our region’s entrepreneurs need robust networks of inventors, industry, investors, and mentors. TEC is building a national network to help Dayton’s entrepreneurs access the resources that are critical for their success. Every new connection brings with it a whole new network. Connect to us to make that even stronger.

Scott Koorndyk
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While Dayton’s scientific and technological expertise is legendary, its entrepreneurial talent is still developing. This means that Dayton’s scientific entrepreneurs often need business guidance and support. If you are a business professional that can provide mentoring for entrepreneurs, we need you!

Jordan Roe
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The effort to leverage the region’s research and development assets for commercial entrepreneurial success is the first of its kind in Dayton. While the road ahead is long and full of challenges, we believe this effort will build the next generation of successful businesses, community leaders, and investors that will continue to grow the Dayton region into the next century. If you are willing to raise money, donate, or sponsor events, we need your help.

Kim Frazier
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