Taylor Hudson Collaboration Coordinator // TEC

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Taylor Hudson

Collaboration Coordinator // The Entrepreneurs Center

About Taylor
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Entrepreneur Background
  • Born, raised and currently lives in Dayton, OH (Walnut Hills)
  • Graduate of Sinclair and Wright State with Communication degrees
  • Currently engaged to Alec with their dog named “Blue”
Entrepreneur Favorite Dayton Landmark
Favorite Dayton Landmark
Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
I'm the owner of Taylored Social

The Snapshot

I first became involved via the original Nucleus in the Oregon District in 2015. At the time, I had created a newsletter where I was highlighting Dayton businesses and I stumbled upon Nucleus. I scheduled an interview to feature them in my newsletter and while I was there I inquired about an internship. I began interning during my time at Sinclair then came to build a very strong relationship with many of the founders and community partners involved with Nucleus. Long story short, the internship turned into a part-time job then the part-time job turned into a full-time career. When TEC acquired Nucleus, I was happy to stay with them, as my close friend/boss/mentor, Bonnie would be my boss…again! Following that I left for a year to work with the University of Dayton. When I decided to launch my own Social Media Management business, TEC was looking for help with their new space and the timing worked out perfectly for us both.

Currently, I work part-time for TEC, managing their coworking space here at the Kuhns building. The space creates an affordable and unique option for entrepreneurs to work in a shared office. I hope to create more opportunities for our members to get involved in the community and be a part of the action. I love the Dayton start-up scene so much. It’s empowering, supportive, and real. Some of my role models and mentors are Bonnie Kling, Lauren White and Robin Holweger (Shoutout to positive female energy!!).

The Advice

I think it’s important to make strong, personal and professional connections with the people in your community. There are so many different forms of entrepreneurs and room for everyone. Be sure to reach out to TEC to get plugged in and be sure to checkout Entrepreneurs Anonymous.

What's your favorite Dayton-region restaurant?

Corner Kitchen or Taqueria


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