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Arielle Jordan

Founder // Curafied

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The Story

As I was packing my bags for my big move to Dayton, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My sister was already out there and told me how affordable it was, and in January of 2017, I took her word for it and made the leap.

Weird things seem to happen once you turn 30. For me, I lost my dream job in advertising art, a 4-year relationship ended, and a bunch of other crazy stuff went down. I started reading a lot of blogs (because, you know, that’s how you fix things in life) and I began to think about how little compensation bloggers, experts, and influencers actually make from their highly valuable content. This didn’t sit well with me, so I decided to fix it. Out of that frustration, Curafied was born, allowing anyone to create their own subscription-based content feed!

Looking back now, I wish someone would’ve told me that I was going to be very, very, very broke for a very, very long time. I remember thinking that the day I launched my platform, it would gain a million users literally overnight. Spoiler alert: it takes forever for people to grasp what you’re doing… and then for it to catch on is another story! The idea seemed great, but it was really the support from my mentor Matt Farrell (he’s a rockstar) and the startup programming in this community that helped me finally get ahead. Matt’s been through the startup process before and has so much valuable insight. He always knows the answers to my (millions of) questions and he seems to know everyone.

As Curafied continued to develop, I realized how much I love working for myself, creating my own hours, and building something really cool and different from everything else that’s out there. In the process, I’ve definitely overcome a lot of my self-doubt, and I’m continuing to step outside of my comfort zone. Being headstrong has shown itself to be a strength for me– you get told no a lot in this industry and you just have to be willing to prove people wrong, basically every day. One of the biggest challenges is being able to sustain your life while also going through the most mentally and emotionally challenging thing, possibly, ever: starting a company. That’s the inspiring part about entrepreneurship. I think without it, people would live boring, unimaginative, and problematic lives!

The Advice

There are resources in Dayton to help you– if you ask and make yourself totally available to them. The mentorship and funding have been the best resources for me. I encourage you to read “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon. It’s more about creative people working smarter not harder. Nothing is really a new idea, just new take on an old one.

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