Kim Woodbury Director // SBDC

A caucasian lady standing in the Dayotn Arcade who's name is Kim Woodbury
Kim Woodbury

Director // Small Business Development Center

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Favorite Dayton Landmark
Wright Patterson AFB
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Fun Fact
Enjoys going to the movies with her daughter and eating at Wheat Penny.

The Snapshot

I’ve worked for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for 10 years now, and I love my job! Aside from work, I love spending vacations in Michigan with my family.

Helping small business entrepreneurs is a passion of mine, and I find the energy of the entrepreneurs is invigorating, especially in a collaborative and vibrant startup scene like Dayton. Entrepreneurship is so essential because it empowers people.

The Advice

Find opportunities to engage with other small business owners. Sharing best practices and learning how other entrepreneurs handle problems will help prevent tunnel vision and can provide reassurance that challenges you face can be overcome.

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