Patty Vanderburgh Founder // Rare Active

Patty Vanderburgh

Founder // Rare Active

About Patty
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Chicago, Illinois
  • Attended University of Dayton for Undergrad & University of Georgia for Graduate School
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The Fraze
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Fun Fact
My husband and I like to do fun outdoor things: skydiving, bungee jumping and scuba diving are now checked off our bucket list.

The Snapshot

Rare Active is a patented new design in athletic outerwear pants that allows you to put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds over shoes and other clothing. It is like a jacket for your legs. I came up with the idea because I was heading to a kickboxing class several years ago in February. I put on my shorts, my shirt, my shoes and grabbed a coat and gloves and ran out to the garage and jumped in the car and realized that the bottom half of my body was absolutely freezing. It was 5 degrees! I thought to myself I have two options: I can go back inside and take off my shoes and struggle to put sweatpants on over my shorts and then put my shoes back on and then have to do that 3 more times that morning or I can go in my shorts and freeze; and that is exactly what I did. And I thought to myself there has to be a better way. And, after much work and several years there is: Rare Active.

I have been working on these pants for 7 years but just launched in November of 2018. I have two US Utility Patents on the waistband design.

I want to see Rare Active really shake up the outerwear apparel market. It is a brand new way of layering the lower half of the body. In the future, with a quick change in fabrics, trims and designs it could be used for: hiking pants, rain pants (for golfers, athletes, spectators), a travel pant (going from the north to the south in the winter), a commuter pant (someone walking or riding a bike to work), a hunting pant, a protective pant (construction, scrubs, etc) and even for the postal service or military. It is a brand new piece of clothing.

The Advice

Don’t Give Up.

The Connection

  • Use TEC Space (444 E. Second)
  • Attended ESP Bootcamp
  • Received ESP Funding
  • Attended TEC Programming (i.e. workshops, networking, etc.)
  • Engaged with Partner Network (i.e. SBDC, Dayton Tech Guide, Startup Week, Early Risers, 4th Friday, Downtown Dayton Partnership, WBI, etc.)

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