Mick Hopkins Founder and CEO // True Concepts Medical Technologies

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Michael Hopkins

CEO/Founder // True Concepts Medical Technologies

About Michael
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Fairfield, OH
  • Studied Nursing at University of Cincinnati
  • Has worked as a critical care nurse for the past 23 years
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Fifth Third Field
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
I have a background in Industrial Design, designing and building furniture for 25 years

The Snapshot

True Concepts Medical Technologies (TCMT) team is a medical device innovation engine that delivers innovative and manufacturable solutions based on clinical experience. Rather than starting with a technical solution and applying it to a new clinical problem, the TCMT starts with a deep understanding of the clinical challenge and builds innovative custom solutions to solve it. Unlike medical device manufacturers, our team is committed to delivering the right product-based solution to serious clinical problems — not delivering to our bottom line.

Our team represents a powerful coalition that combines the clinical experience of Dr. Arash Babaoff, M.D. — an emergency medical… with over 25 years of practice; Mick Hopkins, R.N II, with 23 years of critical care experience coupled with 25 years of design experience has led him to create a series of patented dual syringe technologies with lifesaving capabilities as well as tremendous cost saving possibilities.

I came up with the idea for the business after witnessing years of waste in healthcare….financial, material, inefficiency in systems. I stopped asking “why do we continue to do things the way we do?” and started asking “HOW can I fix them?!”. I have had two smaller businesses, a small furniture business and then a photography business, both developed to help ends meet. I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur, I love to create new things and love the challenge of finding a better way.

Our “team” is built through relationships and networks. In house, it is myself and Dr. Arash Babaoff, a great physician and even greater human being. We are currently working with The University of Dayton, The University of Cincinnati, Pixel & Timber which is an Industrial Design Firm located in Cincinnati. TEC has become instrumental and invaluable member of our team with the business guidance of Karen Posey.

The Vision of our company is to commercialize our existing dual-syringe technologies ideally through partnerships with other existing medical device companies. Once we are generating revenue, continue to design innovative solutions not only to problems in medicine but in other industries as well.

The Advice

It is a marathon, not a sprint….there is no straight path either.

The Connection

  • Attended ESP Bootcamp
  • Utilize(d) an ESP EIR
  • Received ESP Funding

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