Jason Woodard Principal // Woodard Development

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Jason Woodard

Principal // Woodard Development

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Enjoys golfing, spending the weekends at 2nd Street Market, listening to Guns n Roses, and watching Shawshank Redemption.

The Snapshot

I work as an industrial developer in Dayton. After spending some time in the development industry, I began to notice the importance of strong, long-term relationships, not just getting high-value projects.

In 2012, I seized the opportunity and founded Woodard Development, a regional real estate developer with projects throughout the region with an emphasis on redevelopment of downtown Dayton– providing a range space for entrepreneurs. Here, we get to focus on strong, long-term relationships and cost-effective practices. The thing is, they’re not mutually exclusive, but rather, the foundation of success for any high-value project.  

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Read the book “Emotional Intelligence” by Travis Bradberry.

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