Hannah Ward Creative Contributor // TEC

Hannah Ward

Creative Contributor // The Entrepreneurs Center

About Hannah
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Michigan¬†(super small city so I’m just going to say Detroit)
  • Currently live in East Dayton
  • Graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in Communications
Entrepreneur Favorite Dayton Landmark
Favorite Dayton Landmark
Dayton Art Institute
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
I am an active member in the Urban Agriculture scene and I am super passionate about finding a way to relieve the food desert and food insecurity issues within Dayton

The Snapshot

I originally started with Nucleus as an intern fall of 2017, I was a communications intern and my job was to work with Taylor on social media, events, and newsletters. I started with TEC August of this year when I stepped on as a marketing and communications contractor. My role within my position “creative contributor” is to work alongside Katie with the marketing and design aspect of TEC. I am currently working to better the website and make the brand a more consistent one. I believe that TEC is a great resource and there are so many amazing people helping entrepreneurs around the city, I am super honored to be able to help create their image within the world of Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs.

The Advice

Don’t be afraid to do something just because other people are doing it already, make sure your idea is original and personal to you.

What's your favorite Dayton-region restaurant?

Lucky’s or Wheat Penny


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