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Kim Frazier

Director of Growth Initiatives // The Entrepreneurs Center

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Glen Helen
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Enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, quilting, hiking, and eating at Wheat Penny!

The Snapshot

I’m full of fun facts! Some people would call those facts “useless information,” but whatevs. Aside from working in economic development strategies, I’m an aspiring publican from Springfield with one son, two dogs, and a garden.

Scott Koorndyk, the President of The Entrepreneur Center, and I have been working on a commercialization initiative since 2012, when we both worked in economic development. He went to The Entrepreneurs Center, I went to the Wright Brothers Institute, and together we built the Air Force Research Lab programs– and then ESP, etc.

The two things I love most about working with entrepreneurs are their energy and creativity. They’re building the pathways to the future, and our gritty, boot-strappy, ass-kicking ecosystem here in Dayton is the perfect place for them to start building.

The Advice

Be fearless!

What's your favorite Dayton-region restaurant?

Wheat Penny!


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