Donald Hoendorf Director of Finance // TEC

Donald Hoendorf

Director of Finance // The Entrepreneurs Center

About Donald
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Cincinatti, OH
  • Lives in Vandalia, OH
  • Graduated from Wright State University with a degree in accounting.
  • Married with four children.
Entrepreneur Favorite Dayton Landmark
Favorite Dayton Landmark
Air Force Museum
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
My working career has been a nice match of big and small business. Working 20 years with two major players in the Defense Industry and the remainder with smaller businesses ranging from true start-ups to $5M - 10M companies.

The Snapshot

I joined The Entrepreneurs Center in early 2016 handling the organization’s finances on a part-time basis. As a result of TEC winning the ESP Grant, I am now the Director of Finance and a part-time EIR. TEC now has 10 employees and we team with a group of contractors that serve as EIRs and EMs. The transformation of TEC over the past 3-4 years is nothing short of amazing.

The number of entrepreneurs that we are now helping on an ongoing basis is significantly larger than this organization has ever helped in the past. Plus the results are outstanding! I am very excited about the path we are on and look forward to our base of entrepreneur clients growing even more in the future.

I am also looking forward to TEC’s involvement in the revitalization of Downtown Dayton and our move to the new Arcade complex.


The Advice

Ask for help, there are many resources in the community that are willing and able to help you succeed.

What's your favorite Dayton-region restaurant?

My latest “go to” is the Troll Pub.


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