David Scott Director of Commercialization AFRL // TEC

David Scott

Director of Commercialization AFRL // The Entrepreneurs Center

About David
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Rochester, MN
  • Lives in West Chester, OH
  • Graduated from Depauw University and St. Louis University School of Law
  • Married, with two children.
Entrepreneur Favorite Dayton Landmark
Favorite Dayton Landmark
Air Force Museum
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
I’ve worked in a research lab at the Mayo Clinic. I have flown an airplane (but not landed one). My favorite piece of art is the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

The Snapshot

I have known our CEO and members of the Dayton Start-up community since moving to SWOH in 2006 following the acquisition of one of my start-ups by Harris Corporation, have served on the boars of several Dayton area companies, including a defense contractor, and was introduced to TEC by an Ohio Third Frontier Advisory Board Member. From that moment on, I have looked for ways to engage with and support TEC and the Dayton start-up ecosystem.

As Director of Commercialization/AFRL, I oversee our relationship with the Air Force Research Laboratory, drive identification, licensing + commercialization of AFRL technologies, and help lead our region’s Entrepreneurial Services Program. In that role, I interface with key political, government and commercial stakeholders.

I also leverage my connections with national start-up ecosystems and venture capital firms, regional technology accelerators, and local subject matter experts to ensure that AFRL technology back start-ups are launched with the resources they need to succeed.

The best thing about working with entrepreneurs is meeting amazing and inspiring people and helping them achieve their dreams/fulfill their passion.

The Advice

Build a great founding team with “A” players (you are only as strong as your weakest link), move as fast as you can (perfection is the enemy of the good), and you only fail when you quit (be passionate and give your venture everything you can for as long as you can).

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