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Carlos Portis

Founder // Texted, Inc,

About Carlos
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Denver, Colorado
  • Lives in Dayton, Ohio
  • Married to amazing wife, Tia
  • Father to Evon and Mia
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Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
Enjoys basketball, movies, and eating at Table 33.

The Story

I’m someone with deep Ohio roots even though I haven’t lived here the majority of my life. My parents were born and raised in Cleveland and my father joined the Air Force after attending Ohio State University. I was born in Denver, CO, but I’ve lived in quite a few different places including Las Vegas, NV and Okinawa, Japan before finally landing in Dayton, OH my junior year in high school. I’m blessed to be a father to my son, Evon, and daughter, Mia, and I’m most blessed to be married to my amazing wife, Tia, who puts up with all of my dreams and ambitions.

I came up with the idea to start Texted Cards in the fall of 2016. Being a web designer at the time, I had been learning more about technology revolving around SMS (Short Message Service) for a project at my job. While digging deeper into the capabilities that existed with SMS technology, I kept having ideas of various products & services that I felt could be better provided via SMS. I essentially see the mobile number as people’s mobile address. With that, there are certain things I believe are better delivered digitally via a text versus sending a physical piece standard mail or email.

Greeting Cards were one of the first areas that came to mind when I was formulating the business in mind. It’s a perfect item to receive digitally, via a text, rather delivered an inundated email inbox and much more convenient to for the sender. Being thoughtful shouldn’t have to be inconvenient. There were plenty of times I personally found myself wanting to do something thoughtful for someone, whether it be their birthday or some other special occasion, but never actually made my way to get them a card (for whatever the reason). It was often a last minute thought to get something meaningful.

I couldn’t think of anything that felt as convenient and meaningful (not hokey) as receiving a physical greeting card. So, I created something that embraces the viewing experience of a phone display, could be sent instantly or scheduled and could include a gift card to recipient’s favorite brand.

The Advice

It’s OK to not have all of the answers and seek help from qualified people as soon as you can. I recommend reading “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuk and “Lean Analytics” by Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz. The smartest thing you did as an entrepreneur was being willing to be honest with myself about something not working and being willing to change course.

The Connection

  • Co-work at Nucleus
  • Use TEC Space (444)
  • Engaged with Partner Network

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