Nick Ripplinger, President // Battle Sight Technologies

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Nick Ripplinger

President // Battle Sight Technologies LLC

About Nick
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Evansville, IN
  • Lives in Springboro, OH
  • Married with two sons
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Dayton Dragons 5/3 Field
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Fun Fact
Enjoys spending time outside with family and eating at Elsa's on the Border and is the best-selling author of Front Line Leadership - Applying Military Strategies to Everyday Business and Front-Line Leadership - Journal.

The Story

Little did I know, as I sat in the chemistry classroom at Miamisburg High School, that I would later regret my lack of attention to the materials my teacher was trying to educate me with. I was pretty sure I had no need for this information as I joined the US Army– serving seven years before I was medically retired. I later found myself working out of Nucleus, where a personal mentor of mine, Scott Koorndyk, approached me with an Air Force technology that the US Army needed. The only thing was, they needed someone to start a business to manufacture this technology. It was in that moment when I realized the incredible opportunity I had in front of me– that, and I probably needed to relearn chemistry…

I got support from David Scott and other veterans in the community and began to dream up what is now Battle Sight Technologies (BST)– a leader in reusable chemiluminescent material specifically designed for military, first responders, and emergency management professionals. Throughout this venture, I really struggled with having patience, but building a team to assist me has been a huge help.

Our first product was a pressure-activated chemiluminescence pen-like instrument that enables enhanced communication options in low-light and no-light conditions, with the capability to be invisible to the enemy. This allows for writing of specific messages and other applications that are only available in visible and infrared spectrums. It provides reduction in overall costs and reduces waste by 95%. This has enabled dynamic command and signal capabilities. The future of BST is to commercialize already developed technology to support our customer base.

I’ve learned that the worst thing about being an entrepreneur is the stress. However, it’s also the best, because it keeps me focused on making smart decisions that further the mission. In the military, I was taught to never quit and never fail. I’ve applied these same concepts to BST. The biggest challenge that I see most entrepreneurs currently facing is the fear of failure. If you’re not willing to take the risk now, you will never know what you could have been. I love this idea, because I believe that entrepreneurship is the backbone of our country and that building a business that employs veterans to assist with their transition can have a huge impact.

The Advice

Mentorship hands down is the most helpful resource in any venture. Jump in and take massive action every single day. Dayton has a great startup scene where everyone is a cheerleader for one another. This makes starting a new business here so much easier than in other cities. If you’re starting your own business, I recommend reading “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. It was a game-changer for me.

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TEC supports companies that have received Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the federal government. We also identify promising SBIR technology that has not been brought to market or has not yet been developed for a commercial market.
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