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Taylor Hudson

Collaboration Coordinator // Nucleus Coshare

About Taylor
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Entrepreneur Background
  • From Dayton, OH
  • Lives in Walnut Hills, Dayton, OH
  • Graduated from Wright State University
  • Resides with Alec and pup, Blue
Entrepreneur Favorite Dayton Landmark
Favorite Dayton Landmark
View from Woodland Cemetery
Fun fact about this entrepreneur.
Fun Fact
Enjoys being outside Blue, reading, fashion, community outreach, eating at Table 33, supporting local shops/restaurants/bars, participating in Dayton Sportial activities, and cocktail Sundays with my coworkers/friends. Everyone should check out the Dayton-based band, Manray.

The Story

I was writing my own newsletter, highlighting Dayton businesses, when I stumbled upon Nucleus, and I just had to schedule an interview with them. Little did I know, what started as a blog-interview would turn into an interest in working there. I asked if I could intern, and after a quick interview, they said yes! They got a feel for my style from the blog interview, so I think that provided a good foundation. From there, I really clicked with the culture, and I could tell I was at home.

After interning at Nucleus for a semester, I left to pursue another job, but shortly after, I was back looking for leads on opportunities. As Bonnie Kling was transitioning from Nucleus to a new position at TEC, they needed someone at Nucleus. Before, it was like Bonnie was the fake boss, and now she’s my real boss!

I started coming over to 444 with 4th Fridays and I loved it. I graduated and then started working full-time at 444. I just love how open this space is. The merger between TEC and Nucleus really worked out for me, because now I even get to help with marketing plans.

The best thing about working with entrepreneurs is being able to extend help during the low moments but also celebrating the high ones. It’s hugely important because it promotes innovative thinking and often pushes you past your comfort zone. Needless to say, BIG things are happening in the Dayton startup scene.

The Advice

Stay connected with your community!

The Connection

  • Co-work at Nucleus
  • Use TEC Space (444)
  • Attended TEC Programming
  • Engaged in Partner Network
  • Joined the TEC Team

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