Scott Murphy Vice President, Economic Development // DDP

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Scott Murphy

Vice President, Economic Development // DDP

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Favorite Dayton Landmark
The RiverScape Fountains
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Fun Fact
Enjoys cycling, skiing, and reading.

The Snapshot

I love living and working downtown. On weekends you’ll find me on the bike trails or at one of our local breweries.

At the Downtown Dayton Partnership (DDP), we work to make downtown a better place to live, work, and visit. At the heart of downtown’s resurgence has been its startups, so we’ve partnered on several initiatives (like TEC) to support local entrepreneurs. I lead entrepreneur economic development in Dayton’s ecosystem.

The sense of optimism about solving problems one of my favorite things about being around entrepreneurs. Dayton’s startup scene is rapidly growing, and we’re working harder each day to make sure our efforts are inclusive.

The Advice

As much as possible, make connections with other Dayton entrepreneurs – they’ve likely dealt with similar challenges you are facing.

The Connection

  • Co-work at Nucleus
  • Use EC Space (444)
  • Attended EC Programming
  • Donated to EC or Sponsored EC programs
  • Partner of EC

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