TEC Dayton Archive

August 2014: The Entrepreneurs Center welcomes Advratech as a new incubator client company.

Advratech, a Dayton-based technology development firm, was founded in March 2013 by Dayton businessman Eric Graham, to commercialize innovative technologies. Mr. Graham, a WSU computer science graduate, is a successful entrepreneur and a proven executive with professional management, product research and development, and commercialization experience.  Advratech houses two verticals, the Research and Development Group and the Business Intelligent Group (BIG).

Advratech’s Research and Development Group seeks to mature the intellectual property (IP) of Wright State University (WSU). Under this relationship with the university, Advratech will strive to transition university-based research to fill a market opportunity identified by the local business, commercial or federal. This relationship eliminates the time and money required to negotiate individual licensing agreements, which can impede commercialization of university-based research. Advratech leverages engineering and medical IP to create products, services, and companies. This is accomplished by vetting and connecting the most innovative IP with sponsors such as the Department of Defense, National Institute of Health, and National Science Foundation among many others.

We have successfully overseen several SBIR and STTR submissions with the university since being founded in March 2013 and was recently awarded a Phase I Department of Defense SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract based on innovative, WSU-generated technology. The Phase I contract, worth $100,000, can grow by an additional $750,000 in Phase II and is expected to lead to a marketable product for both defense and commercial clients.  In addition, Advratech recently secured an agreement with Wright State Applied Research Corporation (WSARC) and the Director of the Alliance for Human Effectiveness and Advancement (AHEAD) for a multi-phase effort to assist with the advancement of human systems research.

Advratech’s Business Intelligence Group (BIG) understands how critical data is in today’s market and works to bridge the gap between business and information technology (IT).  Data is no longer a byproduct of business but essential to survival, growth, and gaining a competitive advantage. We assist a wide array of diverse clients including Wright State Research Institute, Illumination Works, HSD Metrics, Slone Gear, Mound laser and Photonics and Photonics and the United States Air Force with analyzing data promptly and accurately to better be able to control business operations and plan with informed decisions.

You can reach Advratech on Linked-In or phone 937-239-0172.