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LGT  – Technology Collaboration in the Dayton Region

Dayton, OH: LGT Material Technology LLC is a great example of technology collaboration in the Dayton Region. The company was founded in 2006 as a research and development company specializing in nano-material Shape Memory Elastomer products or SMEs. LGT’s patented technology can intelligently expand in any plastic application according to different temperatures programmed into the composite material at the molecular level.

In early 2008, LGT received Ohio Third Frontier funding from the Dayton Region ESP to secure the company’s IP protection. The Entrepreneurs Center helped LGT secure grant funding from the City of Dayton to upgrade a production laboratory at the incubator. LGT moved into The Entrepreneurs Center in late 2008.

The company recently completed a SME packer demo that accompanied their team to the Offshore Trade Conference in Houston, Texas May 4-7. The demo was designed and developed in conjunction with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), was also made possible as a result of Third Frontier funding from the Dayton Region ESP.

A self energetic packer made by SME can intelligently expand in downhole oil and gas drilling applications according to different temperatures underground. The product has no moving parts and requires no inflation to seal.  Therefore, the inherent risks of mechanical and inflatable tools are removed.  The SME packer can save both labor and time since it is dependent only on temperature.

“LGT’s SME packer received a great deal of interest from those attending the conference in Houston,” said Kelly Kirsch, Director of Marketing and International Relations for LGT. “As a result , we garnered a number of good leads in terms of providing samples, signing NDAs to exchange technology, and setting up additional trips to visit research facilities,” added Kirsch.

On May 28th, LGT will be presenting an abstract in Dallas, Texas to the Texas Energy Rubber Group, composed of oil, gas, and polymer companies.

The future looks bright for LGT Material Technology. SME applications are unlimited. Automotive, aerospace, and computers – just about anything that uses plastic can potentially utilize LGT’s technology. With the mentoring of Ohio’s Third Frontier and The Entrepreneurs Center, the company is well on the way to commercialization of their new nano-materials.

“We are out telling others that the Ohio Third Frontier is helping companies commercialize new exciting technologies,” said Kirsch. “The people we talk to are very interested in more information on the Third Frontier, Polymer Ohio and other technology initiatives in our state. We just told them that Ohio is alive, well and ready to do business,” added Kirsch.