Hayde to Retire in December 2014

TEC Dayton Archive

DAYTON, OHIO: The Entrepreneurs Center (TEC) Board of Trustees announces that TEC President, Barbara Hayde, plans to retire on December 31, 2014.  In preparation for her departure, a transition process is now underway.

“Barbara’s decision to retire brings to a close one phase of a remarkable career that spans decades of service to the Dayton Region, and most notably, to the entrepreneurs in our community.  She has worked tirelessly to support start-up businesses by sharing her extraordinary business acumen with a great passion for the entrepreneurs themselves.” said Brian Kohr, Chair of the The Entrepreneurs Center Board of Trustees.

Hayde was part of the initial conception and planning stages for TEC in 1997. She wrote the original business plan and saw it through to the groundbreaking of the first building in Dayton’s TechTown. She was hired as the first President of TEC in 2000 and over her tenure, has helped many entrepreneurial start-ups emerge to become fully actualized companies that have created jobs and economic growth for the region.

During her tenure with TEC, Hayde has helped more than 100 clients generate over $176 million in revenue and create 600 jobs with average salaries at $60,000, resulting in $28 million in payroll and real estate taxes for the community.  In addition, TEC entrepreneurs have applied for 88 patents.

The success of The Entrepreneurs Center has had a positive impact on Ohio taxpayers as well. For every dollar provided through state grants, TEC has delivered an $85 return on investment.

“I credit the ‘Know-How Network’ for its important contribution”, said Hayde. “These volunteers, totaling over 130 individuals, donate legal, financial, marketing, sales and business advice to help give fledgling businesses their best chance to thrive, an invaluable resource for success”, she added.

Hayde has benefited from the dedication of a highly capable staff and board of trustees who have consistently supported the vision of TEC and its mission of sustainable economic development for the Dayton region.

As part of the transition process, the TEC board of trustees has selected Scott Koorndyk, President of SectorLight Consulting LLC, as the interim President of TEC, effective August 1, 2014.  Since March, Mr. Koorndyk has been serving as a business consultant to TEC. “The TEC Board of Trustees started a reinvention process in January, and over the past several months, Scott has been an important part of that work.  The entrepreneurial landscape is changing, and TEC is adapting to the new needs, requirements, and expectations of entrepreneurs and economic development resources in the Region.  Scott will provide critical leadership during this important time for TEC” said Kohr.