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Grow Your Business with NxLeveL® and SBDC

“Finding resources to grow and manage your small business can be challenging,” said Jennifer Vallarautto, local entrepreneur. “My business was experiencing some typical small business problems and needed help. It had been several years since I graduated from Xavier University’s Entrepreneurship Program, and the world had changed. A networking partner of mine suggested I contact Pat Newcomb at the SBDC at The Entrepreneurs Center,” said Vallarautto.

“Pat took the time to learn what my challenges were, and suggested that I might find the NxLeveL® Entrepreneurs Course a good means of sorting through these challenges and finding some solutions,” added Vallaruatto.

“The course was comprised of people who were just like me: entrepreneurs trying to start and/or run their business. Better than gold, I now had a quasi-advisory board of quick thinkers who listened to my problems and offered solutions. I re-learned a lot from the textbook and materials – that was good. I grew exponentially from the stories of these fellow entrepreneurs – what their challenges were, how they overcame adversity, how they made strategic business decisions. That was amazing! The classroom was packed with people that were filled with passion for their business – and that was infectious,” said Vallaruatto.

“Another highlight of this class was the speaker rotation, which consisted of successful small business owners. They focused on a topic of interest (sales, business development, and marketing) and shared their stories of what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they learned along the way. This gave me a new sense of purpose and a new goal. I didn’t just want to create a business, I want to be part of our region and nation’s economic future,” added Vallaruatto.

“The SBDC and NxLeveL® helped me to solve problems that might otherwise have led to the failure of my business. It was a great learning experience, and the resources are incredible. A referral to IMX Solutions (a recent NxLeveL® graduate) helped resolve a critical e-commerce issue, which has resulted in a significant and measurable increase in sales. I am already putting a lot of my new lessons to good use,” said Vallaruatto.

Jennifer Vallarautto owns TechSolutions, Inc. and Office Out Of The Box, LLC, which specializes in providing bundled office furniture and computer technology solutions.