Edison 25th Anniversary

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Ohio Thomas Edison Program to Recognize 25 Years of Technology-based Economic Development for Ohio

Columbus, Ohio: The Ohio Thomas Edison Program will host a luncheon and reception for Ohio General Assembly leadership on February 19, 2009, at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium beginning at 11:30 AM.  The reception will be headlined by Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ohio Thomas Edison Program, a historic milestone for Ohio Technology-Based Economic Development.

“This anniversary marks 25 years of invaluable technology development and collaboration on behalf of the Ohio Thomas Edison Program,” said Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, who also serves as Director of the Ohio Department of Development. “The Ohio Thomas Edison Program’s contribution to innovation in technology, product, and process drives expansion in our state, spurring economic growth and creating opportunity for Ohioans.”

In 1984, the Thomas Edison Program was created to improve the competitiveness of Ohio manufacturers. Today, under the leadership of Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher, the program encompasses each region of Ohio with eight Edison Technology Centers and thirteen Edison Technology Incubators.

The eight Edison Technology Centers located around the state provide a variety of product and process innovation and commercialization services to both established and early-stage technology-based businesses such as: new product design; CAD/CAM; prototyping; materials selection and handling; plant layout and design; quality systems; information systems; machining; joining technology assistance; and biotechnology business consulting.

The Ohio Edison Technology Centers are a public-private partnership to facilitate innovation and commercialization services to both established and emerging technology-based businesses.

The eight Edison Technology Centers include:

The Ohio Department of Development established the Ohio Edison Technology Incubators to assist technology-oriented start-ups during their concept definition and development stages.  Thirteen Edison Technology Incubators around the state allow entrepreneurs to concentrate their limited resources on the development of their product/service by drawing upon the proven expertise and support of the incubator.

The Edison Technology Incubators link early-stage companies to business assistance, mentoring, investment capital and physical space.

The thirteen Edison Technology Incubators include: