High-Tech Heroes

Big, technology-enabled idea? Check! Addressable market of $250+ million? Check! Launching in the Miami Valley? Check!

The EC has the program for you!


Entrepreneurial Services Provider Program

Resources for High-Tech Startups

The EC’s Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP) program acts as an accelerator and business incubator for Miami Valley startups and early-stage technology companies back with $6 million in grants and non-dilutive capital for qualifying start-ups.


Space Solutions

Shared Office Space

Having your own private office is great, but can often feel isolating. Our affordable shared space solutions at The Hub provide private work environments that include community accommodations, such as a kitchenette and bathrooms. Connect with us to find out more about current openings.

Unsure If You Qualify?

Before you apply, it’s important to understand what it takes to receive outside funding. You must be prepared to work diligently, take risks, make sacrifices, and be coachable. Submitting this form is your way of saying, “I plan to disrupt the marketplace with new and differentiated concepts.” If this is you, let’s get started!
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