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If you received Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the federal government that is ready for commercialization, TEC is here for you!



SBIR-TAP is your chance to work with experienced entrepreneurs to unlock the commercial potential of your technology. Our dedicated participants take advantage of our 18 hours of training over the course of six weeks. It's an opportunity to showcase your concepts to government and industry leaders and investors, gain valuable feedback, and gain a better chance at receiving a Phase II award.


Space Solutions

Innovation Space

444 is 15,000 sq ft. of nationally-recognized collaboration space where TEC, Wright Brothers Institute (WBI), Air Force researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and innovators drive high-impact technology advancements and the Miami Valley's economy. Be immersed in an environment full of resident experts, events and collaboration opportunities, disruptive innovation processes and extensive networks.

Co-working Space

Nucleus provides access to fresh perspectives and talent for those looking to commercialize their technology. Rather than being stuck in an isolated research environment, Nucleus's open floor plan and vibrant community allows for diverse and collaborative thinking.

How Do I Get Started?

If you've been awarded the SBIR Phase I grant and value 1-on-1 training, mentorship, and investing in yourself, even if it means traveling, you may want to consider applying for SBIR-TAP to take your viable technology and commercialize your research. The form below is the first step to getting it to the marketplace.
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Or give us a call at 937-281-0168

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